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29.08.2012 Law of Ukraine "On the Fundamental Principles (Strategy) of Ukraine's State Environmental Policy for the Period until 2020"


The main targets of the Strategy in waste management sphere include: ensuring the conservation of municipal waste of cities with population not less than 250 thousand persons at the specialized and environmentally safe landfills till 2015, the conservation of the whole volume of such waste till 2020, as well as decrease of the municipal waste for the basic level of bio-degradable waste part in the special conservation areas till 2020; increase in 1.5 times of the volumes of waste provision, utilization and use as recyclable materials till 2020; implementation of latest technologies of solid municipal waste utilization.

29.08.2012 Law on Environmental Protection

The aim of legislation on environmental protection is to regulate relations in the sphere of protecting nature, utilization and regeneration of natural resources, maintenance of ecological safety, prevention and mitigation of the negative effects of economic and other activity on the environment, conservation of natural resources, the genetic pool of animate nature, landscapes and other natural complexes, unique territories and natural objects related to the historical and cultural heritage

29.08.2012 The order for collection, sorting, transportation, processing and utilization of used packaging

This order regulates the requirements for protection of the environment that have to be fulfilled by the packaging at its production, handling with packaging waste which comprises the obligations and responsibilities of the economic operators and other subjects that participate in the production process, rules for collection; reuse, processing and disposal; as well as other conditions for handling with packaging waste; notification and economic instruments for achievement of the national aims for collection and packaging waste processing.

29.08.2012 Ukrainian state classification of waste

Ukrainian state classification of waste included the state system of classification and coding of technical, economic and social information. This classification of waste provides supporting information in solving a wide range of government waste and recourses management based on accounting and reporting system, harmonized with international systems, particularly in the field of ecology, protection of life and health, safety, resource conservation, economic restructuring, products (services) and quality systems.

Usage the classification creates a regulatory framework for the comparative analysis of the structure and volume of waste within the European statistics of all economic activities, including the statistics of European production, the agricultural statistics, service statistics, and comparative analysis of services related to waste on state and international levels.

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